Joby Aviation’s Electric Aircraft

This is what we like to see. Breaking away from convention. JoeBen, founder of Joby Aviation, is like the DaVinci of design, the Jules Verne of creation. Engineer and entrepreneur, he has founded several profitable companies, one of which (Joby Energy Inc., specializing in airborne wind turbines) has played a major role in advancing the future capabilities of Joby Aviation’s nifty little aircraft.

Putting to use the control systems and electric propulsion systems developed at Joby Energy, the company’s all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft would offer a cleaner, more cost-effective solution to help improve a few of our country’s many problems. Hopefully that solution includes cutting the TSA. The fixed-wing aircraft can be propelled quietly and reliably by eight ultralight electric motors and will take minimal piloting experience to fly. Battery technologies and electric motors have allowed this plane to make a 100-mile trip coasting at 100 mph for nothing more than a dollar of electricity. A DOLLAR OF ELECTRICITY. You’re probably spending more than that right now surfing through Blades. At one-tenth the energy of conventional auto transportation, I don’t see a reason why this isn’t getting funded as we speak.