Fearless Corliss

After watching him survive a high-speed impact against Table Mountain, and walk away with no permanent damage…how could you not call him fearless Corliss? After weeks with no comment by Corliss, it was not clear how he felt about the matter nor how difficult his recovery would be.

Several anxiety attacks later, I see that he posted his response to the incident on a base-jumping forum. He mentions how the whole “an inch can be the difference between life and death” thing usually means risks are involved. He claims full responsibility for the actions that put death on his horizon, but thankfully only for a moment. Though he’ll have to go through physical rehabilitation for a while, he’s just happy he still has legs to rehabilitate. But Jeb is no stranger to danger. Iterating that he’s been hurt before and will get hurt again, he emphasizes how it’s in his DNA to constantly “push it” and, ending on a passionate note, speaks to how he hopes he will die doing something he truly loves. One can only assume he means Roberta.

image captured by Devon Steigerwald