LED Snowboarding

This to me is more “art” than that crap Picasso and Van Gogh produced. They used canvases, well William Hughes makes his mark on a canvas of snow. Cutting through the Alps, the pro snowboarder glides on an LED board which, juxtaposed against the pitch-black night, creates a visually-enthralling glow. Harsh black-and-whites, that’s how all art should be done – with the exception of those old-time silent movies…those suck. No special effects, no flashy stunts. Raw snowboarding.

It almost brings a tear to your eye. A tear that would instantly freeze over because that weather looks brutal. Surfing through darkness, Hughes looks surreal. Surrealism, now that’s art. At least for me, watching this clip sends a very chilling pulse through my spine. It feels like a nightmare, like swimming in open water at night. But at the same time it’s freeing. Not confined to space or time, the snowboarder has no limits. It’s crazy what just some lights and a snowboard can do. Rhones-Alpes may as well be renamed Greece, because this is classic art.