Buenos Aires Inception Park

Nowadays you can do anything with special effects. For example I could Photoshop an image and make the TSA look like it’s doing its job. But be careful what you edit, you may make someone believe what isn’t true. For example, to me the Buenos Aires Inception Park video looked like the latest in ground-breaking rollercoaster technology.

In my mind, we’d just discovered some type of special magnets that kept the carriage in place and made rails and all other rollercoaster structures obsolete…and the first thing we used them for was for this. Illogical I know, but it looked so real! Needless to say I was left disappointed. After such a long wait and a brief but intense few minutes, the clip ended and I was left in a lull. Much like the experience of riding a rollercoaster. Now I know why they call it “Inception Park”…it’s their way of saying “Keep dreaming”.