Airplane Passenger Opens Emergency Exit to Escape Crying Child

We all want to jump out of a plane the second we hear the first screams of what will become a flight full of plugged ears and unhappy passengers. Apparently the Vietnamese are the only ones with the guts to actually do it. Ho Chi Minh City Airport reported this week that a man tried using the plane’s emergency exit to escape the cries of the child seated next to him.

He was successful and everyone in the plane was sucked out due to the rapid change in air pressure. No, that’s not what really happened. Though that is what the airport would have you believe was a possibility in order to justify the $950 fine they are slapping on him for opening the emergency exit (on a plane that wasn’t even moving). The real story is that the mother of the screaming child begged him to help her get off the plane (for some unknown reason), which he did in the dumbest way possible. Oh yeah, the exit also happened to trigger the escape slide…for which he is being charged $10,000 to refit. I’ll bet right about now he’s wishing that plane had been mid-air when he opened that exit.