The Real Way to Wash a Plane

I don’t see how washing anything can get any more complicated than soap and water. Those Finish Powerballs that supposedly clean your dishes more thoroughly in the dishwasher? Yeah, screw those. Companies now-a-days trying to make things more complicated than they should be. They should just strip down these bureaucratic systems they’ve put it place and just let me wash my dishes.

Now that that rant’s over, we were speaking of “stripping down”, right? I realize that the correct way to wash a plane is efficient and gets the job done, but the other way involves girls in bikini so your argument is invalid.

You know a video is gonna be good when the Flight Attendants Association of Australia objects to it for putting the sanctity of flight attendants at risk. I’m sorry FAA, this has Blades written all over it. Forget the protocol and forget the plausible, just sit back and enjoy the wash. This is the only wash for which I’d consider whipping out my Powerballs.