Delta Flash Mob

Wow, she’s flat. So is he. Really the whole chorus is just weak in general. But it’s okay, what really matters are the lyrics and the message they send right? An excerpt: “Delta and you, bringing the world together”. Aside from the blatant propaganda the verses are pretty decent. Then what follows? Oh no…can that be…yep, another flash mob.

Right when you think it’s all over and the fad is done, it sneaks up on you like airport baggage fees. I know we’re all tired of watching flash mobs on YouTube and never seeing one break out in person, but this one isn’t all that bad. An assortment of Delta employees from Atlanta, New York, Detroit and even TechOps from their Technical Operations Center joined together to bring joy and laughter to their loyal customers across the U.S. Now whether that laughter is from amusement or their lack of rhythm is for you them decide. But hold on, if all the Delta employees are busy singing and dancing, who’s taking care of the travelers?