It’s a stove! It’s a charger! It’s both! BioLite ($129.00) products serve the double purpose of cooking your food and keeping your electronic entertainment uninterrupted. The perfect spouse. See, conventional open wood fires are inefficient, losing a lot of their energy to heat and creating dangerous smoke because of incomplete combustion.

BioLite fixes this issue by “completing” the combustion with a small fan, powered by a fraction of the thermal energy of the fire instead of grid power or batteries. The fire is essentially fueling itself. So really the wood would act as the battery, if you’d like to think about it that way. But safer cooking fires aren’t the only benefits to owning a BioLite CampStove or HomeStove. The remaining thermal energy not used for cooking or the fan can be put to use charging your devices via USB cable. That’s right, camping will never feel as boring as say, camping, because you’ll have an unlimited supply of power for your iPhone, giving you an infinite amount of time to watch your Netflix videos. BioLite technology is currently being used in developing countries to reduce the outstanding number of early deaths due to breathing in toxic fire smoke. Cooking your food, charging your gadgets and saving the world all with one stove…how can you go wrong? To learn more about the benefits of owning a BioLite product click here.