21 Days in Argentina

Argentina is more known for the star soccer players it pumps out and its prominent mountain ranges, but did you know there are penguins there too? They just lounge around staring out at the icy beaches and blue glaciers that may not be around for much longer. What an easy life. I’ll tell you what else is an easy life, going to Argentine for three weeks and getting the chance to videotape the country’s arctic animals (penguins), mountains, glaciers, waterfalls etc.

This compilation of Argentina’s less-glorified wonders was filmed and edited by Alex Berger, travel blogger and amateur travel photographer. There’s just something about HD that makes the penguins cuter, the glaciers bluer and the waterfalls more dive-offable. Berger’s 21-day venture focused on the locations Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia and Iguazu Falls, all of which look worthy of visiting in the near future. Argentine in December to me sounds like a season of paradise right about now.