Around the World in 80 Days

This is either an homage to a really great book by Jules Verne, or a really bad movie with Jackie Chan. Both involve the world and a time constraint of 80 days. Aided by his want to see the world and a curiosity for adventure, this man reminisces over the three wonderful months he spent experiencing culture and travel better than most of us ever will.

His montage compiles clips of the most outstanding bits of his trip, from food to tattoos to scuba diving. The 13-country venture was sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways and took 35 flights to complete. That’s how you know a man’s dedicated…when he’s willing to deal with 35 separate airports and 35 different pain in the asses. He can say he lived. Unlike most who take a trip to Hawaii and call it “learning about world cultures”, he took the time to get to know and record those 13 countries he visited and even befriended a few of the locals/baboons.

The trip is both an inspiration for those aiming to fill a dream and a source of hope for those thinking it’s too late to act on it. It’s never too late, and as long as you have an airline fiscally backing you every step of the way, money is no object. Dream big, act big. DREAM, LIVE, FLY!