Breitling Racing for Anna

I know from the title of the article it may sound like Breitling is sponsoring some big race to raise money for a sick child named Anna, but the real story is a lot less philanthropic. It starts like this: two men take off and begin racing their Breitling planes. It also climaxes like that. And ends like that. Actually I’m not even sure that qualifies as a story just a sick commercial.

I kept waiting for them to start shooting at each other or for the director to bring in some outside fighters to shoot em down, that way at least the plot makes progress. But we’ll give Breitling points for some superior cinematography and sick slow-motion shots.

In the end, black wins the race and I can only extrapolate the terms being either pink slips or whoever wins gets that chick with the checkered flag (whom I can only assume to be Anna). Like his watch, the pilot of the yellow jet was too slow to make any sort of gains. Just a joke, we all know Breitlings are Instruments for Professionals. Professional pimps, that is.