Jeb Corliss the Photographer?

Someone buys a camera and suddenly they’re a photographer. It seems this was the case when our beloved Corliss gave up his lucrative hobby as a skydiver to pursue the graceful art of photography. No he didn’t really quit but if he wanted to he could retire and live with Mancino off those stacks he’d be earning from photo shoots.

Hell, he could save her a buck or two next time she wants to advertise a new shoe collection, if he’s okay putting up with the idea of working with his girlfriend (a major relationship killer). Now, the Galapagos look wonderful no matter who photographs them (same goes with Roberta), but something about his style makes you think he’s no amateur, that he should be doing this for a living. Call it easy subject matter or competent composition, but I couldn’t tell which was hotter, the world’s sexiest athlete or his intuitive photographic skills. With that said, where do I get my hands on a salamander?