Glowing Skate Park

Skateboarding is difficult. Skateboarding in the dark is difficult. Skateboarding in the dark by doing tricks and flips off a half-pipe is difficult. And dangerous and stupid. Stupid because skating isn’t something you do for fun, you do it to impress other people by showing off the move you attempted 88 times before it finally stuck, and there’s no one to impress in the dark when no one can see you.

Maybe that’ll all change once parks make the necessary installments in order to make their parks really glow. Newly implemented 3D mapping technology makes it possible for skate parks like this one to host elaborate laser light shows for their trespassing night-time visitors. Ignore the title “Graffiti Glowing Attack”, graffiti is not glowing nor is it attacking anything in this video. Don’t worry, it fooled me too. With this 3D mapping capability, light can cover every inch of space of an object and create on it a vivid display of colors, patterns, and drug-mimicking effects.