2012 Luxury Shoes Collection with Roberta Mancino

Stefano Manfredini is one lucky photographer. At the shoot for the 2a2 Spring/Summer Luxury Shoe Collection, his job was to look at Roberta Mancino from all angles, a gig I wouldn’t hesitate to hide from the wife. “Yes, honey, today I photographed animals in the wild. You know, bears, wolves, foxes…pretty boring day.” This fox may as well have been from the wild, with all the ferocity she was channeling at the camera.

Unlike how I get rudely shoved away and/or arrested when I take a couple dozen close-ups of Mancino (some of which she knew were being taken), this guy gets paid to do it. The beauty is too much to handle and Stefano ends up on the floor at some points, though probably to get low angles of the shoes. Even though the video is supposed to be announcing the season’s new luxury collection, I feel the cuts and focusing on the shoes takes too much camera-time away from looking at Roberta. If I were Stefano, I’d take Roberta to the dark room and show her my telephoto. In the most respectful way to Corliss, of course.