Here it is. Unlimited power. What coal plants, nuclear plants and evil villains all try to get access to. Hopefully you’ll use it in better, less Earth-destructive ways than they would. Unlike batteries that run out quickly, solar chargers that require sunlight and wind chargers that don’t exist, the Powertrekk ($199.00) is a completely independent portable fuel cell that gives your electronics that much-needed juice wherever you are.

The world’s first water charger. Open up the tray system and you’ll find a well for a tablespoon of water and a compartment for the Powertrekk Puck, the fuel cell that will take the hydrogen from that H2O (and from the open air) and turn it into energy for hours of Temple Run on your iPhone. How those watts get transfered to your devices is simple. Via USB. The useful gadget also has a rechargeable battery that can store power from a wall charger or USB energy source (a PC for example), though if you can spare the $1.99 per puck (man why did I have to use up my one pass for foul innuendo on Phuket) you’ll have 4 watt-hours and become completely independent from those thieves that run the electric grid. Just water it and keep it exposed to air and it’ll give you all the energy and entertainment you desire. Why do I feel like I just gave instructions on how to raise a pet and grow a plant at the same time?