Costa Concordia Disaster: Only Adding Insult to Injury

Micky Arison has a lot of heat on him right now. Not only because of this whole Carnival Corp. incident but also because he happens to own the Miami Heat, and Lebron James is on fire. As owner of both a soaring team and a sinking cruise line, he has no choice but to delegate his duties. Well one of those managers entrusted with the task to keep the company afloat has really dug Costa Cruises into a deeper hole.

By offering a 30% discount on the customers’ next cruise, they’re only adding insult to injury. It’s like a food manufacturer saying “Hey we know our product poisoned you, but here’s a free month’s supply”. What’s worse is that this discount was only offered to a select group of passengers, likely those most affected by lost lives and least willing to board another cruise again. With law suits flying everywhere seeking compensation for the disaster, nothing seems to be going right for Costa Cruises. It remains to be seen whether the “salute” maneuver, a greeting to the island’s people which required the ship to be close to land and resulted in the vessel crashing into a rock, was ordered by the cruise line itself. You can’t say the company isn’t trying, they’re just trying the wrong things.