Dot: 360º Video for your iPhone

A picture is worth a thousand words. That must mean a video using the Dot ($TBA) accessory is worth 360,000 words. This iPhone add-on is the latest in a trend of camera attachments to improve your iPhone’s lacking camera versatility. There are already telephoto and fish eye lenses at your disposal, now you can take panoramic videos without having to spin around with your phone looking like a fool.

Say goodbye to those obnoxious party-goers who feel the need to walk around the festivity recording every inch of the room. When they start filming just place your iPhone in the middle of the party say the Dot’s got it covered from all angles, literally. On your phone, the video will appear as a distorted donut but software that comes with the product de-warps it and lets you view the final cut on your iPhone and gives the option to upload online. The Dot should make things a lot easier for tourists who wanna capture every bit of their travels, adventurers who want to share their full danger and excitement with the world, and Roberta Mancino who needs to satisfy those requests to record all 360º of her body whenever she does those naked skydives. Those requests being my e-mails.