HzO WaterBlock

What is your biggest fear? That Apple will release a new iPhone just weeks after you buy yours. Now what is your second biggest fear? That’s right, drowning. Don’t you think your iPhones share the same phobia? Exposing your device’s electronic components to a few drops of water is like exposing your child to anything not made of steel…something’s gonna break.

So to protect your electronics from those villainous H2O molecules, spray it with some chemicals! I know it sounds counterproductive, but it’s so crazy it just might work. Actually it does work. So well in fact, that it won the Consumer Electronics Show’s Innovations Design and Engineering Award. By way of vapor deposition system (fancy way of saying “spraying stuff”), HzO’s WaterBlock technology coats the electronics inside your device, rendering water impenetrable and ineffective. The product can be applied to anything from smartphones to cameras, since it does not have the restrictions that a case does, only fitting the form of specific devices.

Currently the company is pushing for big-time manufacturers to integrate the technology as part of their assembly lines, which would not raise the devices’ prices significantly and save consumers money in the long run. HzO also has aspirations to develop the spray to protect carpets, upholstery, museum artifacts and maybe even reduce water damage inflicted on your home or office. It has been tested on everything you can imagine: industrial equipment, theme park rides, underwater surveillance equipment, emergency communications equipment, hearing aids, papers, fabrics…you name it. From phones to tablets, WaterBlock has got your electronics covered…literally.