News: Jeb Corliss Crashes into Table Mountain

For the past few months we’ve done nothing but canonize Jeb Corliss and his better half, Roberta Mancino. It wasn’t hard, given how amazing they are. They are heroes of the sport they practice and naturals at anything else they try their hands at. But when tragedy befalls a hero we suddenly realize they are not invincible. Early Monday morning, on a wingsuit dive that seemed as basic as any other, a miscalculated descent cut it way to close for Jeb.

While performing a wingsuit dive off Table Mountain, Jeb made some potentially fatal contact with the cliff and lost control, almost making second contact with another flyer performing the same stunt. To clarify and squash any rumors that may arise, Jeb is fine and according to him, feels the best he ever has. Funny, usually when I crash into mountains at 90 mph, I feel a little down. But thankfully the daredevil lives to fly another day. What we can take from this experience is a lesson in safety. You can take the risks you wish to, as long as you take the necessary precautions that go with them. The whole event has humanized Jeb, which is a good thing. Our legend is now an even bigger idol and we hold a greater respect for what he does for his fans and the situations that put his life on the line. We don’t know how long we have left so we may as well spend every moment like it’s our last. We wish fearless Corliss a speedy recovery and hope to see him flying again soon.