Paris’s Musee d’Orsay Strips Down

Works of art. They’re amazing to look at, almost hypnotize you. Draw you in with its form and shape, keep you in with its texture and feel. You see a few nice ones in your lifetime, or if you’re lucky you see many, all of them unforgettable. Man has very different opinions on which types they like, but we all agree that they are beautiful. For those who need clarification, I’m talking about boobs.

And there were more than the average man expects to see running around Paris’s Musee d’Orsay, which also happens to house other kinds of art. As a publicity stunt for Etam lingerie, three models walked into the museum in conspicuous coats, took them off to reveal the lingerie, and walked around the gallery together as they giggled at everyone’s reactions. To the dismay of many hyped-up male onlookers, the only nudes present were the four bronze chicks holding up the Earth about 10 seconds into the video. Needless to say the museum wasn’t too happy about this. Apparently the revealing underwear wasn’t so much the issue, but the fact that Etam ordered the stunt to be shot without first seeking permission from the museum to do so. Though they’ve allowed shows like “Gossip Girl” to shoot there before, letting three partially nude women roam around in a public museum would be distasteful. I on the other hand would gladly offer up my space to Etam for any shooting they would like to do, an I won’t charge an entrance fee.