Boeing Phantom Ray

Phantom Ray? Sounds like the weapon used by every comic book villain ever. But as an anti-terrorist defense plane, the tables have turned and we are using the bad guys’ own weapon against them. Built to surveillance and reconnaissance the Boeing Phantom Ray is a prototype and essentially an upgraded Stealth Bomber. Quiet and fast is the way to go on missions involving intelligence-gathering, but things can quickly get loud if the Ray’s operator decides to send a message to terrorist punks.

If you’re worried about the safety of the pilots in combat situations, don’t…there is none. Having a pilot fly a stealth plane is more outdated than a phone booth, or the yellow pages, or those call operators that had to move plugs around to connect your call. If you still use any of those, get yourself an iPhone. Flying at 647 mph at 7,500 feet, the Unmanned Airborne System (UAS) is the start to Phantom Works’ rebirth in the global unmanned systems market. After only two years in development, the company released the details unveiled its completed near-operational prototype to the world and boasted about its successful test flights and powerful arsenal of new capabilities (like refueling of other aircraft), all of which make it a strong candidate for replacing the current Stealth Bomber. Further development is currently taking place for the U.S. Navy Joint-Unmanned Combat Air System program and DARPA, so we may be seeing production of these within a few years. Hopefully not though, because that would mean the terrorists are near you.