World’s Coolest Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are a little like parents to pre-school toddlers. They tell you not to get up from your seat, have to remind you about common-knowledge safety procedure, serve you juice and keep you busy with the TV. It’s always the same scripted pre-flight message, the same rehearsed safety instructions (with the exception of one case of pizzaz), and the same crappy pretzels. The whole thing starts to become white noise.

Well this is, quite literally, the opposite. One Southwest flight attendant decided to spice up the mundane, monotonous bore of reading flight information by adding to it a little rhythm and rhyme. With a stomp-clap beat provided by the passengers and a confidence in his rapping that i will never acquire, the flight attendant begins throwing down lyrics that introduce him and his crew, outline the flight’s beverage choices, pushes bag storage and makes fun of United Airways all in one verse. It was enough to impress the audience of primarily white middle-aged men aboard the flight. This isn’t the first gimmick by Southwest Airlines, apparently some flights have crews that tell jokes, others sing and some just have attendants that stand there and look pretty. I have yet to come across any of those on a Southwest flight. Props to this guy that made flying exciting, contriving the lyrics combined with great timing, boring white noise: it’s never inviting, good thing he swapped it for soulful rhyming.