Virgin Money

What’s that called when one organization has control over everything? Government? Oh wait no, a monopoly…that’s what it was. Virgin Group, a conglomerate of over 400 companies founded by billionaire business baller Sir Richard Branson, has risen as formidable competition in many of the fields it enters. The businesses mainly deal in travel, entertainment and lifestyle and some of its most notable successes include Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio, Virgin America and Virgin Galactic. The less lucrative business are very strange, varying from Virgin Spa to Virgin Limobike to Virgin Flowers.

To a woman I bet that sounds like the perfect anniversary. If you’re like me then you’re probably curious as to why there was such a heavy emphasis on “Virgin”, the term was conceived when Branson and his partner were starting their first business (a record shop that later grew to become Virgin Records) and they considered themselves business virgins. Well now this business whore can add one more tally to his list of ventures with Virgin Money. They used to say “What is a music retailer doing in the cellphone gig?”, then it was “What is a cellphone company doing in the aviation industry?”. Well now there can be now questions as to why such a lucrative conglomerate with 40 years of proven success decided to try its hands at handling your money.

This new enterprise of banks will deal with the normal bank stuff – savings, mortgages, investments etc. – but will do so under the leadership of a very successful, very capable Richard Benson. It shall be interesting to see how this one plays out. So while you give your money to a man that already has more than he needs, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the startups of new ventures like Virgin Olive Oil or Virgin Escorts.