RED Scarlet-X 4K

We can all criticize the awful storyline of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we should. But until one of us critics buys a fancy, expensive camera and starts cranking out films of our own, we are just noise to the ears of a very successful Steven Spielberg. The RED Scarlet-X 4K ($11,700.00) is just the camera to do the job.

Obviously it’s not your standard DSLR, nor does it have the portability of your mom’s digital camera. It’s not the most convenient of cameras. In fact, you can’t even use the damn thing without another operator and additional accessories! But with all that sacrifice comes great reward, both in durability and picture quality. Along with the fact that this thing looks like a steroid-enraged Nintendo NES Controller, it is immediately apparent that this thing is built like a tank. Put this camera into clumsy hands and it will not only stay intact, it will shoot movie-quality video while it’s at it.

The camera definitely needs experienced hands to even begin recording, but once you figure out the seemingly random placement of buttons and intricate menu features, you will happily reap the rewards of intense, vivid filming. Yes it looks like the law enforcers from Judge Dredd, yes it is too bulky to fit in your pocket, yes picking it up requires notable muscle strength. Say what you want about it, but the RED Scarlet-X 4K is a professional recording tool, one that looks far too advanced for our time.