Flight Aware App: Live Flight Tracking

Do you think your spouse is lying to you, saying that their flight got delayed just so they have more time to cheat on you? Are you a teenager who needs to know how much time they have to clean up remains of an unforgettable party before their parents’ flight gets back? Maybe you’re just a normal person who wants to know if their flight is on time. Whatever the circumstance may be, you can use the Flight Aware App FREE for any of your flight-tracking needs.

By simply entering in the flight number or departure and arrival cities of the plane you want to track you get a live blip representing the location of where your flight is at that moment. Flight Aware also has a useful feature that notifies you of airport delays and weather conditions. Another tap and you see all of the country’s planes and their paths, all in real time and all over the world! Never sit around waiting at a terminal again, with Flight Aware you’ll know exactly how much time you have to buy duty-free necessities before you have to be back for boarding. Download it for your iPhone, your iPad, or your Android and become somewhat of an air traffic control operator, lord knows they’re not doing their jobs.