Hidden Radio

The only time I try to hide my radio is always, because radios are outdated. But the Hidden Radio ($175.00) is quite the opposite of outdated. In fact, we believe it’s the start of a revolution in wireless audio. With the power and volume levels being controlled by a twist of the cap, it gives literal meaning to the phrase “turn up the jams”.

Connected via bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, computer etc., you can play music, enhance movie audio, and simplify conference calls all with the same device. With up to 80 decibels of clear sound and a 30 hour battery life, even your kid will be yelling at you to turn it down.

Put two or three around your house or apartment and surround yourself with timeless tunes all the time, seamlessly switching bluetooth connections with the tap of a button. Of course, if you don’t have bluetooth you can still connect your mp3 or laptop via line-in cable or just sit back and listen to the wide range of quality songs that FM radio has to offer. This beautiful little instrument comes in metallic silver and graphite black, and other than the cap twisting volume control and rechargeable batteries there’s really nothing more to them. No instructions, no cables. How much more elegantly simple can a design be?