Watch: Gorillas Pet Tourist In Uganda

Uganda may be a third world country struggling to make it by and in need of our help and resources, but they have gorillas so we’re even. These very same mountain gorillas are the stars of one of the cutest, rawest videos Youtube has to offer. A tourist, armed with a camera, visited Bwindi National Park in Uganda and, after first being snubbed, got to experience what few can say they have.

The video below, after a very skippable, boring reflection intro, shows this tourist transition from fearful to cautious to giddy as he gets petted by the children of a husky silverback gorilla. The silverback kept looking over his silver back to give the tourist’s cameraman an angry glance, as if he were the paparazzi and the gorilla was a mildly annoyed celebrity.

The gorillas’ initial disregard for the tourist is what made the playfulness so rewarding for him afterwards, proving that gorillas are like women in two ways: they like to play hard to get and they will make you feel invisible whenever they please. But he seemed like he was enjoying the attention he isn’t getting from his wife so it’s alright. The man, avoiding all eye contact with the gorillas in order to not intimidate and scare them into making him the night’s feast, is given an unnecessary play-by-play presumably by the same guy who narrated the self-righteous intro. That guy should go get attacked by wild gorillas.