Space Jumping

Space jumping? Like when you play a computer game and the space bar is always the jump key? Or is that what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin called their game of hopscotch as they jumped up and down the moon? No, apparently Space Jumping not as USA-centered as one would believe.

It was actually an attempt at the World High Altitude Parachuting Record made by UK stuntman Steve Truglia. He would be lifted to the edge of space – the slim line between Earth’s atmosphere and the rest of the universe – via high altitude balloon and jump off just before floating away forever. The name Space Jumping stems from Base Jumping, which is essentially what the stunt becomes, a long dive followed by the release of a parachute. The project was hindered by years of short funds but a recent announcement by Red Bull of their attempt at a Space Jump gave the UK team a funds boost and newfound interest in the stunt. This kind of aviation-related competition can only be matched by another Red Bull skydiver, Jeb Corliss, who is battling the world in the race to be the first man to transition from dive to walk without the use of a parachute. We wish the U.S. and the U.K. the best of luck in their ambitions because well, we’re both united (no pun intended).