Watch: Where Does Your Luggage Go?

Have you ever wondered where your luggage goes after you leave it with the trustworthy airport? I know where my luggage goes: anywhere my destination isn’t. But if you’re part of the lucky one percent who actually walks out of an airport with their belongings, the video below will show you how it gets from Point A to Point B (or in my case, how it stays in Point A).

Delta Airlines rigged a suitcase with six cameras, each filming what’s going on around the luggage, in order to promote their Delta mobile app which lets you track your bag’s journey. What it captured was nothing unexpected, yet still interestingly complex. After being checked, the bags go through a series of conveyor belts, get transported by runway cars to the plane and return to another system of conveyors, but not before being interrupted by none other than the TSA (they ruin everything). As the suitcase passes by a TSA Scan Area the screen reads “No Photography Allowed”, probably because the viewer would’ve seen a table of agents opening every bag and bargaining for what items each one would get to steal, or “legally confiscate for safety reasons”. So now you know what goes on between the moment your bag passes through those black rubber flaps and the moment you pick it up on its fourth trip around the last conveyer belt (no one has ever gotten their bag on the first trip around).