Cebu Pacific Flight Crew Christmas Dance

Christmas is/was a time of reunion, love and affection. Families are brought together and there’s dancing, feasts and some gift-giving in-between. Unless there’s tension between your relatives, in which case there’s quiet, avoidance of eye contact and some awkward smiles in-between. Cebu Pacific’s flight crew tried to take a little from both sides of the Christmas experience and chose to portray both dancing and the awkward smile.

As the plane was preparing to take off, flight attendants (uncomfortably) performed a Safety Demo Dance, dancing along to Christmas carols. Cebu Pacific has a reputation for pulling cute stunts like this and will have their crews dancing on select Domestic and International flights from December 16 to 31. It’s all fun and games until someone can’t put on their life vest and oxygen mask during a nosedive because the instructions specifically showed to spin, slide THEN dip the shoulders, a combination they are sadly incapable of doing. As if you weren’t going to already, snap a photo with the dancing flight crew and it will be added to the airline’s special Christmas 2011 album for all to see and poke fun at. I’ll be the first to ask the real question here. Who was more uncomfortable, the dancing flight attendants or the flight’s Jewish passengers?