Flex Series by Serengeti

Flexing is what you do when that lost foreign chick asks you for directions and you extend your arms to point in the direction she wants to go. Flexing is what your sunglasses do to fit comfortably around your ears to provide a safe and secure hold. The Flex Series ($189.99-$199.99) by Serengeti Eyewear are featherlight and their flexible flexible ergonomic temples rest so comfortably you forget you’re wearing them. That doesn’t mean you’ll forget about the glasses though, its photochromic PhD lenses constantly lighten and darken to suit your environment and give you a high-def view of every detail you see. Serengeti is a pioneer in this photochromic field and the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglasses, as proven by their Flex Series. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a mile to the grocery store or a thousand miles across the country, Serengeti has you covered with comfort and visibility. So now if you run over a pedestrian you can’t say “Oh I couldn’t see them, it was too dark”. Better get yourself a lawyer. Not only do the photochromic lenses adapt to different light conditions but they block UVA and UVB rays and ensure your eyes remain free of fatigue throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to take the car for a real journey.