We all know the worst part about surfing is getting to where the waves are. The whole paddling repeatedly thing is not for us, we are not dogs. The WaveJet System ($TBA) allows its user to take a break from the exhaustion of paddling and does it for them. With an easily attachable pod that sucks in water with its impellers, the WaveJet creates 20 lbs of thrust and pushes you 12 miles per hour, about three or four times the speed than paddling yourself.

You turn on this thrust with the WaveJet Wristband, which has a power button and displays the charge level of the pod. When the charge is getting low, use the WaveJet Charger to, well, charge it. And if you’re worried about falling off your board while the pod’s thrust is still active, the wristband alerts the pod if any sort of separation has occured and will shut it off immediately, so it doesn’t get away from you like when I put my car in neutral…on a hill. Not only will this system allow you more time to practice your awful surfing skills, but it’ll get lifeguards to you quicker when you inevitably fall off and need emergency assistance. Be ready for the WaveJet System’s release in the Spring of 2012, and while you wait…why don’t you go paddle for a bit.