The Faroe

Few pullovers offer the flexibility of being able to be worn for both everyday errands and everyday partying. With a slim, sleek look that suits anyone with style, the Faroe ($195.00) is perfect for the quickly approaching winter season. A semi-fitted hood and semi-fitted torso lets the wearer boast his physique without being too cocky about it.

A perfect buy for pilots or really anyone that likes to travel, the Faroe’s casual sophistication is universally fashionable, light enough to take anywhere but thick enough to insulate. The wool pullover is simple, tough enough to be called a man’s pullover yet soft enough for ladies to want to feel up on you. There is also a touring-style zippered pocket on the back, but I don’t believe anyone has any need for a pocket by their kidneys. Mission Workshop comes out with another winner. Rumors have it they named it the Faroe (pharaoh) because it mummifies you in swag.