Helo TC

Everyone’s looking for good Christmas gifts this time of year. For a cool, modern gift that doesn’t involve socks, look no further. The Helo TC ($49.99) is just about the most fun toy you can buy these holidays, even if it’s just for you. Controlled via iPhone, iPad or iTouch, this tiny RC helicopter can navigate living rooms, dining rooms, rooms with restricted access all with a virtual joystick or, in another flight mode, with a tilt of your device.

As you pilots know, landing a helicopter can be the most difficult of tasks, but the Helo TC App includes an Auto Land feature as well as the option to switch between right-handed and left-handed flying. Choose between three flight plans that you yourself have recorded and stored on the app and set routes that maneuver through obstacles, missions to follow, and goals to accomplish. Show off your flight plans to your friends or, if you really wanna be an ass, fly three at the same time with its channels feature. Buy three Helo TC’s and fly them all at the same time in the same place by simply switching between channels on the Helo TC App. Enjoy causing mischief around the house, knocking stuff down and bumping into family members, but remember to mind rising helicopter fuel prices.