The Nevis Swing

Are you crazy, suicidal or both? Then the Nevis Swing is for you! AJ Hacket Bungy in New Zealand has built the biggest swing in the world next to its Nevis Bungy ($180.00) in Nevis Canyon (on Planet Nevis in the Nevis Nebula?). Forget the old days where if you swung more than 10 feet in the air your parents told you to get off and your friends called you a god. This swing dips into a 70m freefall, forming a 300m arc that you travel along with speeds up to 150 mph.

A bit more intense than your average playground swing. The rush is further escalated when you realize that the arc’s lowest point suspends you only 160m from the canyon floor. Don’t worry, no one’s ever been hurt while they were strapped in with a bungy cord. You can ride it alone for $180.00 or with a partner for $160.00 each, swinging in a variety of formations including Tandem, Truck’n Trailer, 69, Back to Back, and Honeymoon. I’ll take the 69 with a BladesGirl. You can have the crew release you, release yourself with a remote control or, if you’re really trusting in your friends, you can have them release you…just make sure they’re not in your will and have nothing to gain from your death. So forget your troubles and ride the Nevis Swing. Though if it breaks, you’ll be in trouble and your troubles won’t trouble you for much longer.