Iguana Yacht

Amphibians suck. You’ll never see sports teams paying homage to them. The Florida Frogs? The Texas Toads? Just doesn’t sound right. But I’ll tell you what does sound right: Iguana Yachts (TBA). This amphibious yacht can switch from sea to land by engaging its caterpillar tracks, and then when you cross the piece of land you were trying to cross, simply retract them and continue boating.

Sounds like a crappy plot for a new Transformers movie. Now you can avoid time boating around long, peninsula-like lands and just cross them whenever you please. Once in the water, the sharp v-shaped body cuts through the water and reaches speed of 40 knots. The secret to the yacht’s ease of control on land is its low ground pressure (lower than your body’s) on terrain and the fact that on land it is maneuvered with a joystick. Aside from looking pretty damn cool, it offers complete comfortability and spacious space, with two bench seats running the length of the boat to seat up to 10 passengers and lots of stowage room. Whether you wanna take your family, your mistress, or just wanna show off, the Iguana Yacht is the perfect fit for your self-centered persona.