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Christmas came early this year. Well, obviously don’t use this during Christmas time, because the water is freezing and you will die. The Flyboard ($6,500.00) is half jetpack/half water hose, drawing up water from the ocean and shooting it out in two streams of water at such high velocity that they propel you upwards. It’s essentially the same contraption this fail of a news intro is famous for. Except this one is revamped.

Taking some lessons in design from Iron Man, the user can now use two stabilizers on their hands that also shoot out water in order to stabilize their “flight” and allow them to twist and turn. With the addition of a hoverboard-type surface to place your feet into, the owner will look like the Green Goblin menacing around on a little flying board (hence, flyboard). But all movie references aside, this board looks SICK. It may just be the way the guy was maneuvering so effortlessly, but I think we have a new replacement for water travel…as if we haven’t said that a million times. At first sight, him plowing into the water face-first looked like it would be another addition to that fail video I just mentioned, but when he came back up and flew out of the water, he looked resurrected.

The holy sight was too much for my eyes, it was just incredible. Like a dolphin, the guy shoots out of the water just to come diving back in. It looked like he could do it forever. He got style points too for spinning and flipping while mid-air above the water. I’m not sure what the French people said in the video, but I’m sure it was something like “OH MY GOD THE FLYBOARD IS AMAZING!”

Thanks for the tip Ray