Skydive Dubai

It’s like Woodstock for skydivers. The Skydive Dubai the Para­chut­ing & Gulf Cup is one of, if not the most rec­og­nized sky­div­ing and para­chut­ing com­pe­ti­tions in the world. Skydiving athletes from all over the world meet once a year in Dubai, the most beautiful of locations to hold a competition like this, to fight for awards and honorable titles in the sport of parachuting. Oh yeah and the up to $775,000 in prize money that teams can potentially win if they place first in all the competitions.

From November 29th through December 10th, teams from 47 different countries competed in the categories of Canopy Pilot­ing, 4-way For­ma­tion Sky­div­ing, 4 way Canopy For­ma­tion, and Accu­racy (accuracy can be competed both indi­vid­ually and in teams). Over the course of those two weeks, this amazing event saw teams build random 4-person formations while in freefall and canopy pilots who had to literally land on a coin. Keep in mind these parachuters jumped out of a plane 5,000 feet high! And they’re judged on accuracy, distance and style?! From the second I leave the plane the idea of landing accurately and stylishly would escape my mind and all I would think about would be possibly wrecking myself in front of the hundreds upon hundreds of Dubai citizens that attend the free event. This event is one of the beautiful luxuries of the world we live in today. I mean, jumping out of a plane and getting $775,000 in a day? I’m definitely heading out to Dubai next year, just gotta get past this fear of dying thing.