Taj Mahal and Tom Cruise

You had me at Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise is overseas right now for a special fan screening of the newest installment in the secret agent action film franchise. Together with co-star Anil Kapoor (a Bollywood sensation), they walked the red carpet in Mumbai and gave the fans first look at Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Good thing Tom flew over when he did, a week sooner and he would’ve had to deal with the audacious CST flash mob that took place.

After not having seen Cruise on the big screen in several years (Knight and Day doesn’t count), I feel like he’s the ghost, and even better suited for his role than ever. Tom has had a lifelong desire to see India and finally felt accomplished once he was standing in the beautiful, monumental Taj Mahal. Judging from the intense teasers and trailers, Ethan Hunt is more chaotic and risky than ever…but he still doesn’t compare to BladesMags featured wungsuiters Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino. Ethan Hunt scales buildings and Kapoor plays a businessman but Corliss jumps off buildings and Mancino plays a sort of model-skydiver hybrid. Either way the long anticipated film is making its way over to America and premieres Wednesday so be ready for the mind-blowing, Corliss-imitating stunts we’ve come to expect. Just make sure to keep your phone from sight on the flight back Tom, or else some flight attendant might make your mission here impossible.