Alec Baldwin VS. American Airlines

Everyone loves Alec Baldwin. He’s got this indescribable charm where his eyes just seem to reel you into his loving, innocent soul…. In a completely heterosexual way of course. So why then is Alec Baldwin, icon for Capital One’s flyer miles rewards program, in a tweet war with American Airlines? It’s complicated. Alec’s always been a loyal customer to American Airlines, flying exclusively with the carrier for 20 years, totaling up to hundreds of thousands of flight miles and giving him “loyal status, in the extreme”, he says.

So when a “1950s gym teacher flight attendant” (his words) came to him and told him to put away his phone while the plane was still immobile at the gate, he got angry. The flight attendant seemed to have singled him out for no reason, while everyone else was on their phone he was the one taking the heat. After she left and they were still not moving, everyone whipped out their phones again. This time the flight attendant was furious and scorned Alec for disobeying. At this point Alec put away his phone, walked to the plane’s bathroom, slammed the door and proceeded to be kicked off the flight. What was so important to Baldwin that he couldn’t be forced to put his phone away? Words With Friends (Free). THAT GAME IS UNBELIEVABLE. Play an 8 letter word, get 8 points. Spell out “Qi” and its 105 points and an automatic win. WHAT?! Who wrote the program for this? Tell them there’s definitely nicotine in their code because WWF is addicting. But back to the topic. “The ticketing agents and Admiral’s Club staff have always been nothing but abundantly helpful to me…”, Alec explained to readers in a response he published. It’s sad that this incident made him realize the decline of service and rise of prices that the airline has enacted over the last decade. We’re on Alec’s side, but it seems like he’s got everything under control, tweeting things like “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt” and creating the funniest hashtag I’ve ever seen “#theresalwaysunited”. Hahahaha, who knew Alec could be so cold. But yes, it is no wonder America Air is bankrupt. Keep on wording Alec, and next time AA tweets you saying they’re “looking into this” and ask you for contact information, say “You can contact me at United Airways”.

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