World’s Fastest Flying Human Being

If the title made you think this guy was half bird, you’re not alone. Espen Fadnes, holder of one of the coolest names ever, may not have wings, but his wingsuit more than makes up for his lack of mutation. We at Blades are used to seeing people like Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino jump off cliffs with nothing more than a wingsuit and a prayer, but something about Epsen makes him special.

Perhaps the fact that he reaches speeds of 150 mph without the aid of propellers. Let’s break down 150 mph, shall we? You drive maybe 80 mph when you’re late for a flight. Jeb Corliss wingsuits maybe 100 mph on a good day. Hurricane Katrina reached wind speeds of 175 mph. 175 mph. This guy flies almost as fast as the thing that destroyed a city. I guess the only downside to his speed is that he gets less time to appreciate the wonderful landscape of forests and water that he flies over on his descent from a mountain. But hey, I’d take that loss if it meant never having to deal with air travel ever again.