Quad Lock

I always want to mount my iPhone. But that’s because I keep the BladesGirls page open at all times and has nothing to do with “mount” in the Quad Lock ($39.95) sense of the word. Ever lost your iPhone in that jumbled mess you call your bed sheets? Ever sat down in a waiting room holding your phone to your face and wished there was a way to relieve your arm from all that work? Wish you didn’t have to risk death by riding your bike with one hand on the bar and the other gripping your GPS (aka iPhone)?

The creators of Opena offer all these solutions and more with Quad Lock, a case that has an integrated mounting system that allows you to place your iPhone virtually anywhere. Quad Lock ST Flat mounts handle the job of attaching your phone to any wall or surface quickly and conveniently and are secured to the wall either by using its double-sided foam pad or screwing a lock through the mount. The X Quad Lock Pro bar mount is more versatile and can be strapped to any bar, meaning your iPhone is safely adjoined onto the handlebars of your overpriced bike. Flights are safer now that pilots can actually have their hands on the wheel instead of holding up their iPhone as they read Blades Mag.