Aerialist Perform on Williamsburg Bridge

The current times right now has everyone climbing bridges, except aerialist Seanna Sharpe didn’t jump off. Aerialists are those people that from what I believe to be bed sheets wrapped around them, performing twists and flips for the audience to gaze at. Except this audience was made up of moving drivers on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City so I’m not sure gazing would be entirely safe. Staying on a bridge?

Who would want to do that? Everyday on my way home during rush hour traffic I wish the bridge would just collapse so that at least there weren’t so many cars on it. It seems the NYPD didn’t find her performance as amusing as the drivers did, as Ms. Sharpe was arrested on the scene for livening up the bridge (a felony I believe). If you didn’t catch her performance on the bridge, don’t expect to catch another one on your way home today, aerialists are confined to circuses and carnivals…and P Diddy’ white parties, those are crazy.