New Level F-35 by Lockheed Martin

If Lockheed Martin were really so concerned with taking off vertically they would’ve strapped a jet onto their blimp-looking Air Vehicle. I don’t have to tell you how freaking badass this F-35 looks, the videos will do that for you. We used to need clunky Harriers to perform a Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL), but those are extremely difficult to fly and put a ton of work onto the pilot.

Now we have the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter and that sort of maneuvering is easier, smoother, more efficient and looks three times cooler. I’m not a fan of the whole “spend all taxpayer money on military planes despite being in a recession” mindset, but I’m also a sucker for movie scenes where they show the flight control room filled with busy people talking into headsets and computer screens displaying radars and aircraft blueprints…Lockheed knew exactly which of my buttons to push. A new jet has to come with new technology, so the F-35 has internal weapons, missile tracking systems, stealth capabilities, less detectability to radars, all the things you pay to see when you go watch Transformers or other movies where we’re at war.