Denver Airport Flash Mob

With all these flash mobs happening recently, I’m starting to think they are just a cover-up to hide what’s really going on. The economy nowadays has caused rents to go too damn high and dancers can no longer afford to hold their practices in rented spaces. So what do they do? Practice at train stations and airports and call it a “flash mob”. The truth was right in front of our dazzled eyes the whole time.

With air travel going down it looks like there are only three reasons people go to airports now: to fly a plane, to bring down a plane, and to flash mob. Look at that, the word is becoming a verb now. We must stop this. Not only are they freeloading dance space, but making passengers watch their Lindy Hop swing dancing and listen to music that even our previous generation hated. If the 100 dancers from  Community-Minded Dance in Colorado took a break from swinging women around they would notice that the community minded them intruding their space. I feel we are on the eve of a war on flash mobs.

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