Dubai Airshow Closes at $63 Billion

Airshows are the place where you realize everyone has a better airplane than you do. It’s also the place where you announce that you’ve been named Airline of the Year and are ordering 90 planes to celebrate, but that’s another story. Dubai has been the subject of much interest recently, being on track to have the world’s busiest air traffic and modernizing the industry.

Now they’re back in the headlines with $63 billion worth of orders for aircraft, maintenance services and flight training programs sold at their airshow. Breaking their previous record with 56,548 visitors in attendance, the 12th edition of the Dubai Airshow was the largest and most extravagant to date. Their halls, pavilions and chalets all rocked the colors of the United Arab Embassy’s national flag to celebrate the nation’s 48th anniversary coming up on December 2nd. The pride could be seen from, well, a plane. The airshow was big on flight training and offered lessons throughout the day. Man I wish I could do barrel rolls and nose dives. The celebrations reached their peak as their new aerobatic display team, Al Fursan, painted the sky with an aerial display that proudly trailed the colors of the UAE flag. With all this positive news coming from Dubai, we’re gonna be left with slim material to make fun of airports.