The Yacht Island

Being rich comes with its many perks. But there’s really no point in having these perks as long as you still have to breathe the same air as the perk-less. The wealthy would starve on some remote island before they had to hear one more Black Friday shopping story. Actually, “starve” isn’t the right word; “be fed by the finest in five-star cuisine” is more accurate. Yacht Island Design is the newest concept in luxury yachting in which your boring yacht is transformed into your own personal utopia of carelessness and tax evasion.

No longer restricted by the conventional hull shape, these floating platforms are free to be as creative and individual as the client pleases. The idea seems like something science fiction writer Jules Verne would have predicted for the future of marine living, but think about it, no one wants to get off their yacht and have to get back to civilization, so why not bring civilization to them. With design proposals like “The Streets of Monaco” based on the famous grand prix circuit with fully functional kart tracks and “Tropical Island Paradise” where you would find yourself doing everything except calling for rescue. These yacht islands are a rescue.

A rescue from the everyday hardships and stressful lives of the insanely, insanely rich. They need an island named “Project Utopia” with onboard mountain climbing and a waterfall to escape the persecution they get from the media…much like the reason the pilgrims came to America. So if you find yourself to be one of these victims and need Yacht Island Designs to create a haven of peace and happiness for you (or you want to design your own), make plans to contact them. The best part about having your own island is that it comes to you, so you don’t have to deal with the devil’s institute (airport) anymore.