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Jet Travel? That thing that only rich celebrities and politicians can do? Wrong. To celebrate Thanksgiving and get people the hell out of our cities, JetSuite ($1.00) is offering one-way airfares as low as $1 to fly in one of their private jets this Thanksgiving week through the 29th. Through a comment-based system on their Facebook page, their “Suite Deals” (normally starting at $499.00) can be bargained to as low as a dollar for all four seats of their jet. Simply leave your name in a comment, along with the SuiteDeal deal number you’d like to buy, the SuiteDeal city you want to fly to, and the time of day you can fly.

Commenters will be chosen on a number of factors including how early you commented, the airline’s capability to fulfill your request etc. (instructions are here). JetSuite has always been an exciting, innovative company, and with their brand-new fleet of Phenom 100 aircraft by Embraer (the youngest fleet in the industry) they are ready to take on this 21st-century challenge of going green and saving green.

This technology makes their private jets the world’s newest, most fuel efficient, and most fiscally responsible planes around. Drank a little too much Death’s Door Spirits yesterday? Need a get away from family, friends and strangers you may have made a terrible first impression on? Fly JetSuite. Want to fly with your family, friends, and strangers? Well be thankful you didn’t help out that homeless man and now have a dollar to blow.