Canadian Heli Skiing

Normal people go to parties or Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but Canadians prefer to jump out of helicopters. Ask me what I was doing when the clock struck zero and 12/31 turned into 1/1 and I would either tell you “I blacked out”, but ask these guys and they will simply answer “Oh I was skiing”. Unless that snow is a different, more “fun” type of white powder, that’s no party at all.

In the minutes when one would usually hear poppers and fireworks Jordan Manley (photographer) heard nothing but the spinning blades of the helicopter he’d just jumped from and the thump of his landing on the stunning mountains of Canada’s terrain as he proceeded to maneuver through trees and dropoffs on a downhill rush one would only get from white powder. It may not be the conventional way to celebrate the new year, but what is conventional nowadays. Heli skiing is hella fun and if you deny that truth you deserve to drop just like the ball on New Year’s.