Hong Kong Disney opens Toy Story Land

The only “Toy Story” that I’ve ever heard from Hong Kong is their massive manufacturing of toys to ship all over the world. Now the city is having fun with their own supply and opening Toy Story Land as part of Hong Kong Disneyland. After a nuclear catastrophe, what better way to “forget about it all” than to experience rides like RC Racer or Slinky Dog Spin. Buzz Lightyear is Blades Magazine’s personal favorite for no other reason than he reminds of another heroic daredevil (name rhymes with Borliss).

The theme park is packed with so many attractions you will only see in Hong Kong, all of which is based on the lovable characters of the movie that touches all hearts. Experience being shrunk to the size of one of Andy’s toys and wander his backyeard playing with your favorite of the Toy Story characters…Buzz Lightyear.

With Japan’s recent “$10 fares” as an attempt to attract tourists after the nuclear incident airfares should be low, so it will be easier than ever to experience all the skydiving and parachuting we discuss on Blades with Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. It’s Japan, so you’re sure to have a “blast”.